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Dramatically increasing product sales for TPS



TPS Centres (responsible for almost half of Volkswagen Group’s UK aftersales) needed a campaign to launch and promote their improved range of Quantum Oils, and so asked us to create a USP, highlight its excellent performance, and position it as an advanced premium product.


The first thing we did was to identify and name the product’s superior flow characteristic: Quantum Flow. We then devised an identity for the improved ‘ultra’ product: Quantum Flow Extreme, or QFX Technology. From there we created the overall campaign messaging, based on ‘A Quantum Leap’. To achieve strong visual impact and brand recognition, we designed an alien-based futuristic theme for packaging and advertising, demonstrating the ‘out of this world’ qualities of Quantum Oil.

Our full-service marketing plan generated excitement through pre-launch teasers, posters and flyers, and a digital teaser campaign. This was followed with high-impact collateral, an updated website, and video for the conference launch event. Sales momentum was maintained through ongoing contact with TPS Centre customers, email marketing and flyers; and we helped to set up and deliver online product online training courses for TPS employees.


  • 289,000 increase in Quantum Oil sales by March 2017 compared to sales in March 2016
  • £175,000 sales in one day, the highest in 12 months
  • £176 increase in sales per person, January to March 2017
  • 85% of oil barrel market share, increased from 60% in the previous year

Campaign ran August 2016 to April 2017

  • Quantum Oil Brochure

  • Quantum Oil Brochure

  • Packaging, labels and photography

  • Packaging, labels and photography

  • Poster

  • Digital advertising

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