Our bright sparks…

Talent, personality and (as you can see) outstanding good looks… our people have got it all.

Everyone in our team is valued as an individual; yet it’s when we work together – and with you – that you’ll see the magic really starts to happen.

Harry Millter 020519 New people HARRY

Harry Miller

Junior Web Developer

Bruce Murray 020519 New people shots0519_0001_Bruce

Bruce Murray

Technical Content Manager

Pete Elliston 010518 Pete Elliston

Pete Elliston

Head of White Clarke Creative

Christina Jefferies 020519 New people shots0519_0005_Christina

Christina Jefferies

HR Manager

Ian Williams 010518 Ian Williams

Ian Williams

Marketing Analyst & Insights Manager

Mick Pantry 010518 Mick Pantry

Mick Pantry

Design Director

Kat White 010518 Kat White

Kat White

Account Manager

New people shots_0001_James PR New people shots_0000_James personal

James Smith

Account Manager

Bryan Hawley 010518 Bryan Hawley

Bryan Hawley

Technical Author/Proofreader

Julie Jenkins Julie Jenkins

Julie Jenkins

Account Director

Chris Hanson 010518 Chris Hanson

Chris Hanson

Senior Data Developer

Kym Wright 010518 Kym Wright

Kym Wright

Account Manager

WCC_Sri_Image Personal shots_0003_Sri

Sri Waghmare

Head of Digital

Sarah Henderson 010518 Personal shots_SARAH NEW

Sarah Henderson

Senior Graphic Designer

Stacy Poduthas 020519 New people shots0519_0003_Stacey

Stacey Poduthas

Database Analyst

Iain Merry 010518 Iain Merry

Iain Merry


Tony Efthitou 010518 Tony Efthihiou

Tony Eftihiou

Senior Artworker

New people shots_0004_Nick PR New people shots_0003_Nick personal

Nick Ratty

Database Developer

Kev Alexander 010518 Kev Alexander

Kevin Alexander

Production Manager

Anne Sheppard Anne Sheppard

Anne Sheppard

Data Team Leader

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