Our bright sparks…

Talent, personality and (as you can see) outstanding good looks… our people have got it all.

All the people in our team are valued as individuals; yet it’s when we work together – and with you – that you’ll see the magic really starts to happen.

New people shots_0001_James PR New people shots_0000_James personal

James Smith

Account Manager

Mick Pantry 010518 Mick Pantry

Mick Pantry

Design Director

Harry Millter 020519 New people HARRY

Harry Miller

Junior Web Developer

Ian Williams 010518 Ian Williams

Ian Williams

Marketing Analyst & Insights Manager

Stacy Poduthas 020519 New people shots0519_0003_Stacey

Stacey Poduthas

Database Analyst

Christina Jefferies 020519 New people shots0519_0005_Christina

Christina Jefferies

HR Manager

Julie Jenkins Julie Jenkins

Julie Jenkins

Account Director

Chris Hanson 010518 Chris Hanson

Chris Hanson

Senior Data Developer

Kym Wright 010518 Kym Wright

Kym Wright

Business Development Manager

Iain Merry 010518 Iain Merry

Iain Merry


Bruce Murray 020519 New people shots0519_0001_Bruce

Bruce Murray

Technical Content Manager

Tony Efthitou 010518 Tony Efthihiou

Tony Eftihiou

Senior Artworker

Bryan Hawley 010518 Bryan Hawley

Bryan Hawley

Technical Author/Proofreader

WCC_Sri_Image Personal shots_0003_Sri

Sri Waghmare

Head of Digital

Kev Alexander 010518 Kev Alexander

Kevin Alexander

Production Manager

Anne Sheppard Anne Sheppard

Anne Sheppard

Data Team Leader

Pete Elliston 010518 Pete Elliston

Pete Elliston

Head of White Clarke Creative

More than just another creative agency