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What inspires us?

Inspiration is the act of drawing in; specifically the drawing of air into the lungs. So what fills our lungs? 

White Clarke Creative is a diverse pool of ages, experiences and mindsets but together our job is to inspire others, so we wanted to find out what inspires us on a daily basis. We asked our colleagues “what inspires you?” and got some pretty interesting responses…

  • “People who put themselves out to help others.”
  • “Having a task which might take some time, but which I can work through, including problems, and then get it “done” and finished for the use of someone else (might be a customer, might be another member of staff).”
  • “The honesty and zest for life that children posses.”
  • “I am inspired by the strength of my friends and family, particularly when I know they’ve gone through such turbulent life events. It really puts things in perspective.”
  • “Positivity and happiness.”
  • “Trying to make people smile, making someone feel better, making them laugh, helping them with something.”
  • “I try to approach everything in life thinking there is always someone in the world less fortunate than myself (with regards to everything – love, wealth, health etc) and then this in turn motivates me to have a positive and happy outlook on things, which I try to impose on others.”
  • “Inspiration comes in many forms, it can be as simple as a big smile or a cuddle from the kids, or seeing sunshine.”
  • “Beautiful roses, especially ones with really large blooms and rich scents.”
  • “People that never give up.”
  • “A community coming together to save an old pub/tree or patch of grass.”
  • “My annoying friend who can hold down an important job, renovate his house, train and do an ironman (google it) and have three kids. Actually his wife inspires me for putting up with him!”
  • “People that are great at their jobs and enjoy what they do for a living.”
  • “I’m inspired by good design, hard workers and creative thinkers.”
  • “The way my local community came together to fight a housing development. Proves that good can come out of bad, I would not have got to know so many people so quickly otherwise.”
  • “My cat inspires me to take it easy whenever possible, life is short!”
  • “My Father, who shows that being old doesn’t mean you have to stop doing things and enjoying yourself.”
  • “There are a great many things that inspire me, but the crucial three (very subjective and in no specific order!)”
  • “Good music. Good design. Good beer.”
  • “Communities who rally together to action change.”
  • “People who make themselves vulnerable in order to help others.”
  • “Cornelia Parkers art installation ‘The Story of Cold Dark Matter’. I went to view this at college and it moved me quite profoundly and it has continued to inspire me in different ways over the last few decades.”

So what inspires you?

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