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One small step for women and a giant leap for mankind

Today is International Women’s Day and we're celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women across the globe.

There is no doubt that a lot has changed in the 110 years since the first Women’s Day was celebrated but even today only six countries in the world give women and men equal legal work rights. A lot more has to be done but 2019 is ground-breaking not least because Women won a record-breaking 15 Oscars this year and for the first time ever, an all-female crew will conduct a spacewalk this month – one small step for women and a giant leap for mankind!

Whatever way you may choose to mark the 8th this year, be sure to remind the important women in your life however possible just how much they mean to you.

We are sharing some of the incredible women who have inspired us.



My mother Patricia lived with cancer for 25 years and never complained once. She had a faith in God so strong that she inspired countless people to question and change their own beliefs. She lived a simple life and was content despite everything. She embodied everything that we lack in today’s modern world.


My first headmistress who retired and then went to live in Australia to be with her daughter. Just less than 50 years ago, that was a massive undertaking, and she was a lovely headmistress!

A pretend family aunt who lived and worked in South Africa and sent us postcards of the flora and fauna as well as the areas and the people she visited while there. She was a matron in a mission hospital and dealt with all sorts!

My aunt who is 94 and is now going through radiotherapy for skin cancer. She has already had a couple of small procedures and a cataract operation this year.

Then there is my mum – who is just a perfect mum.


Susi, marketing and communications director at a previous workplace. A true individual who held her own in a male dominated industry and boardroom and showed genuine warmth and concern for almost everyone she came into contact with. A strong, sensitive woman living an inspiring life.


My mum Hilary – 97 years old, and although she is getting a bit frail physically and mentally, she still has an undiminished, selfless and unconditional love for her family. And a wicked wit which can’t help but make you smile!

Carol – my wife for the last 33 and a half years (1,057,104,000 seconds in case you need to know!). My rock, lifeline and best friend.

Rachel – my daughter – 29 and an amazing bundle of energy who was brave enough to bin her London job and set up her own business at the turn of the year.

All the high-profile torch holders – such as Coretta Scott King & Michelle Obama.

And the less well-known – such as Amaiya Zafar, who I saw on a news item yesterday has campaigned for years (and just won) to get the rules in women’s boxing changed to allow Muslim women to box in a hijab.


Some unsung heroines:

Mileva Maric (Mrs Einstein).

Ada Lovelace – mathematician. Contributed to Charles Babbage’s computer – the Analytical Engine.

Jocelyn Bell Burnell – overlooked for the Nobel Prize for Physics – discovered the Radio Pulsar.


I’ve been really lucky to grow up with two very strong women in my life – my mum and my sister. My mum does everything for her family and never complains; if I’m half the woman that she is then I should be proud of myself. My sister has been through so many horrible experiences but she keeps fighting, striving to be stronger – she’s worked herself to the bone, but she’s now an international award winning actor, so if that isn’t inspiration I don’t know what is!


Patti Smith – for the opening line of her debut album, Horses.

“Jesus died for somebody’s sins / But not mine”.


My daughter, who shows me every day how to view the world – always excited for the moment she is in and never worrying about the past or future. A great reminder that life is about now.

Sophia Floersch – the 17-year old Formula 3 racing driver who vows to return to racing after a horrific crash causing spinal injury last year in Macau. Her determination and hope is so inspiring, especially in such a male dominated sport.


My Amazing Grandmother – she left school at 15 after her parents died as her aunt and uncle didn’t encourage her. She married early, had my mum and was a stay at home housewife until my Grandad died in 1980. She then decided to go back to school did her O’ levels, A’ levels and on to university.

She joined the local council in Richmond and started volunteering for local charities.

To help pay for her education, she started housekeeping for a Film producer in London.

He started running scripts by her and eventually she started to edit the scripts for some of the best known Hollywood films including the Raiders of the Lost Ark series and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

She inspires me every day and it shows it’s never too late to change your life.


My mum and my elder sister – both have gone through a lot of hardships in life but have always had a smile on their faces. This to me is truly inspiring as it taught me that whatever challenge you are faced with you can deal with it, with a true heart and a big smile on your face.


Grace Jones. How do you describe Grace Jones? Musician, performer, icon. In her 70’s now and still showing the pretenders the way. A genuine force of nature.


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