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Climate Change: Does the world need a new superhero?

Humans are the enemy, and our planet needs saving. Can we, as marketeers, do anything to help?

We all love a good Superhero, and there are plenty kicking around these days, from the clever, witty richness of Marvel to the stylised reality of D.C.

But perhaps the time has come for a new one…


Unless you’ve been living under a rock you can’t fail to have noticed a news story finally managing to knock Brexit off the front pages, and it’s a big one – climate change.

This time, it’s not us that needs saving – we humans are the enemy, and it’s our beloved planet that needs help.

From David Attenborough’s acclaimed documentary ‘Climate Change – The Facts’ to the latest global assessment of nature from the most recent summit in Paris, the heat is on in more ways than one.

Whichever way you look at it and whoever you listen to, the overriding message is that for far too long, we have enjoyed and exploited all the resources that our amazing planet has to offer and given nothing back. As the population, our lust for materials and our need for energy has grown, so has our ability to extract more and more, from previously inaccessible sources.

We are now being told, with increasing urgency that we’ve reached a tipping point. Without significant action to alter our current trajectory now, we risk losing irreplaceable animals, plants and habitats, and damaging the environment to such a degree as to risk not just our own existence but that of our entire planet.

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As marketeers we’re used to thinking differently and nothing feels like it could do with some original thinking than the complex issue of climate change.

There is plenty of advice out there on how we can all do our bit to help, from increasing recycling and reducing our energy usage to looking again at what we eat. But just think how much more we could do if we were to examine the impact of our businesses and apply similar thinking.

Let’s banish templated statements of corporate responsibility and vague environmental policies and make a promise to the planet to take a long hard look at what we’re doing day-to-day, take responsibility and work out how we can do things better, more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly way.

Take a look around your workplace – what could you change that would make a difference? Hand dryers versus paper towels, recycle bins in kitchen, water filter rather than bottled, computers switched off rather than in standby – little changes like these needn’t cost the earth, but could literally help save it. Inspired to have a go? Let us know what you’re doing.

We must also use every opportunity to influence others, our partners, clients and suppliers – build awareness into every project, spread the word and lead by example. Choose recycled paper, suggest local suppliers, reduce unnecessary travel, build environmental concern into every job and put the planet firmly on the agenda. You could even do what we do, and do some carbon offsetting if you need to take any international travel. When we take flights, we simply work out the carbon emissions and donate towards projects which compensate by funding equivalent carbon dioxide savings elsewhere.

So, grab your super suit, reveal your inner hero and let’s use our power for good, the good of the whole planet!


p.s. – fun fact, this blog was written by Bruce Murray, in response to our recent internal blog competition. Bruce is our in-house Technical Content Manager, you can check him out on our people page! Congrats Bruce!

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