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Where are autonomous cars heading?

Autonomous solutions using intelligent technologies are shaping the developments in the automotive industry at the moment. So what do we think?

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know about the developments in the automotive industry at the moment. With giants such as Google, Uber, Ford and GM already coming up with autonomous solutions using intelligent technologies, it’s exciting to see how the automotive industry is shaping transport for our future.

Having recently read a report from Disruption hub on Autonomous Vehicles, we decided to ask some of our team what their thoughts were on the future on autonomous cars.


Autonomous vehicles – brilliant. No more road signs. No more traffic lights. Less air pollution. No more blackened Portland stone. Less noise pollution. No more car insurance. No more traffic police. No more white van man. No more Audi drivers. I look forward to walking across the M1 and watching all the cars stop.



I’m not convinced autonomous cars will work very well in a lot of situations – especially while there are still humans driving around too!

With AI and machine learning, I guess eventually they will get better and better at dealing with our random world but in the medium term I think we’ll need to make safety innovations to deal with the semi-autonomous states.

As people get more reliant on the car taking over certain functions, I think that one of the key issues is the danger of people taking their eyes off the road – especially  with the increased use of touchscreen controls, á la Tesla. It’ll be interesting to see if innovations like those from Ultrahaptics might be used to provide touch feedback from virtual controls and prevent people from getting distracted.



I am skeptical about the roll-out and also have grave concerns regarding safety based on the driving level.

Level 5 autonomy (all functions carried out by the vehicle – with performance able to match that of a human driver) baffles me. When it comes to safety on the roads, humans trusting humans is a big enough ask without adding more fuel to the fire.

I am all for advancements in technologies; however, I struggle to comprehend the impact that completely driverless vehicles will have on nearly almost every aspect of human lives.


I’m really excited about robot cars. The problem is not the robot cars, it’s the people who aren’t in them. If everyone was in robot cars, and all the robot cars were all talking to each other, the roads would be a safer place.



I love the idea of a world filled with fully autonomous vehicles (and ideally electric!), but I don’t know how realistic it is. Although the technology is on its way there, it’s going to take a lot to get the human race to give up their control of a car and let it wholly drive itself.

Plus, in order for it to work, the entire population will need to be on board with ONLY autonomous cars on the road, so that the risk of human error (which is unpredictable) can be eliminated. I think we’re a long way off from this, but I like that people are at least trying to make life easier and embrace the fantastic technology that’s available to us.



I do quite like the idea of a car which will just take me to wherever I need to go, as I am not a fan of driving, but at the same time I do worry about the idea of vehicles all over the road with no drivers! What about cyclists or somebody on a vehicle which wasn’t thought about when they designed the navigation systems for the driverless cars? Would it make city centres more or less congested, I wonder? I guess only time will tell!



It all sounds a bit of a dream – I must admit I honestly don’t think I would trust them. And can you imagine the initial costs of owning one?!

Happy with my mini Mercedes for now 😊

Have we sparked your thinking?

It’s interesting to see that there are new technology companies already trying to address some of these challenges, such as Humanising Autonomy, which is working to make autonomous vehicles safer in different urban environments.

  • For the industry view, you could check out The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) 2019 report on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles.
  • And for the latest round-up of news on the topic, check out The Verge, which posts regularly on the topic.

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