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A week at White Clarke Creative

Last week we were joined by Hetta on work experience, an up-and-coming bright spark of her own, and we tasked her to write something about her experience...

It started on Monday…

My work experience started on a typical Monday morning. I arrived at the business park where White Clarke Creative is based in Milton Keynes, a cosy and modern estate enclosed by the tranquil scenery of Linford Wood. Beginners nerves were present, as I naturally expected, but were very quickly dispelled as I was introduced to the team that made up White Clarke Creative, the award-winning creative agency that is part of Nexus Business Solutions.

The team were welcoming and friendly, they spoke to me about their individual roles within the company with passion and engagement and, even by the end of my first day, I felt thoroughly included in the office banter and enthused by the energy the team were crackling with.

As a teenager, the modern and creative environment was instantly noticeable to me. This is not your average set of offices, bleak and grey with no atmosphere. White Clarke Creative’s floor is vibrant; quirky artwork lines the walls and bright splashes of colour – even without the fun energy of the team inhabiting the space – help make the office feel alive, humming with creativity.

My week here was tailored to my own personal aspirations…

Coupled fittingly with my passion for writing, I was able to liaise with the company’s freelance copywriter and write blog posts to be featured on the company website over the coming weeks.

Aside from my own desires, I was also encouraged to explore more than just the writing side to the company. I was given the opportunity to observe how the individual members of the team function as a unit. They work in a connected and intimate chain, optimising the use of each individual’s expertise and in almost constant contact with their branch in Australia.

Crossing from desk to desk to ask for sign offs, tasks and advice isn’t uncommon and the underlying atmosphere here is always that of positive reinforcement. Whether I hear snippets of the success of a new diet or the achievement of a company objective, White Clarke Creative offer an enjoyable and, most importantly, human environment in which I felt instantly comfortable.

With my work experience week here drawing to a close, the time I’ve had to reflect has led me to multiple conclusions. White Clarke Creative have enlightened me to post-18 pathways that I may not have previously considered open to me with my planned Literature degree. They’ve shown me the fun and enjoyment that can be had within an efficiently working environment and they have given me the most productive and hospitable work placement I could have asked for.

With that, there is not much more to say other than a genuine, Thank you.

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